I apologize.

Learning to apologize childishly through instinct and imitation, whenever I realized I’d stepped on someone’s toe inadvertently I’d say in all humility, I’m sorry: “from the bottom of my heart … I apologize”. Yesterday and in recent years “apology” has come to represent rhetorical just payment for past wrongs committed conventionally before the apologizer was … More I apologize.

Who’s Qualified?

I’ve been struck by media attention to qualifications for being president. In 2012 media seemed concerned about Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Romney’s leadership. So I guess it was assumed that Romney and Obama were both qualified presidential candidates. When Mr. Regan and Mr. George Bush junior were being elected as president I again don’t recall … More Who’s Qualified?

Fearing Donald Trump

Donald Trump makes Aziz Ansari ‘afraid for my family’ USA TODAY–11 hours ago After Omar Mateen shot 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, actor Aziz Ansari called his parents, who are Muslim, and begged his mother … Aziz Ansari Pens Blistering Essay on Donald Trump Vanity Fair–17 hours ago Aziz Ansari pens op-ed about Donald Trump … More Fearing Donald Trump

It’s the globe stupid.

June 23, 2016 As the day wears on I’ve had time to pay attention to the vote over whether or not Britain will leave the European Union. That vote will likely end as the vote about Scottish independence did. With the head of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (a former U.S. lawyer born … More It’s the globe stupid.

Now more than ever I think Mr. Trump’s online coverage is unprecedented. In the past few days I read an online article that quickly disappeared in which Mr. Cain, a former Republican Nominee for president, said Mr. Trump is not a racist; the white candidate who won the 2012 Republican primaries, governor Romney, keeps being … More

America’s Past and Future

Today, June 14, 2016 I just spotted a Daily Beast article “… This is America’s Senior Moment” celebrating Clinton’s 69 years and Trump’s 70 years that reminded me of the following that I published on May 12, 2016. Posted on May 12, 2016by peterderemigis I wrote the piece that follows before Mr. Trump became the presumptive … More America’s Past and Future

A Poltical Smorgasbord

The most significant division in North American politics are the result of the breaking apart of individuals from the oneness of a common culture. Marshal McLuhan portrays King Lear’s bequeathing his kingdom in 2 parts to 2 daughters and their noble spouses on the basis of personal feeling ignoring the legalisms of the culture that had … More A Poltical Smorgasbord