Fearing Donald Trump

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Donald Trump makes Aziz Ansari ‘afraid for my family’

USA TODAY11 hours ago
After Omar Mateen shot 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, actor Aziz Ansari called his parents, who are Muslim, and begged his mother …
Aziz Ansari: Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family
Highly CitedNew York TimesJun 24, 2016
The above headers have been appearing in response to my donald trump Google searches on at least 3 different dates, though all except the New York Times say they’ve been posted little more than 12 hours ago.
Whenever I see, as I too often do online, the same header piled together this way I know that the articles aren’t worth reading. Even George Will quitting the Republican party is becoming a distraction. Ansari  ad infinitum  has gotten into my thoughts and got me wondering why only Donald Trump scares Mr. Ansari and not the destruction of Moslems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and recently Libia.