Who’s Qualified?

I’ve been struck by media attention to qualifications for being president. In 2012 media seemed concerned about Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Romney’s leadership. So I guess it was assumed that Romney and Obama were both qualified presidential candidates. When Mr. Regan and Mr. George Bush junior were being elected as president I again don’t recall their qualifications being discussed, though I may not have paid attention or just forgotten. But today that’s mostly what I hear especially because hardly anyone thinks Donald Trump has the qualifications to be president. And qualifications have become so highlighted that Mr. Trump himself has accused Ms. Clinton of not being qualified, and even Mr. Sanders who says he’ll vote for Clinton if she and not himself becomes the Democrat candidate for president, I think said that she’s not qualified.

Yet if being president requires certain qualifications those qualifications should be stated at the beginning of primary voting so everyone who votes can vote on the basis of whether or not the person they vote for is qualified. Once a candidate’s qualifications have been certified, then their policies, personality, and character could be considered. Now Republican President Ronald Regan, a famous movie star might have been questioned as to his qualifications to be president especially since he was rumoured to have dosed off at a meeting when he was president of the United States. I know he once governed California; but so did actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And wrestler Jesse Ventura got to be governor of Minnesota. And President George Bush junior another Republican seemed a bit out of touch when he was shown reading a story to school kids on receiving the news of the 9, 11 catastrophe; and when they put him on that aircraft carrier to say “mission accomplished” as though the Iraq war was over within a year of its beginning, mindless of the terrors that he had unleashed. So the notion that a person needs to have certain qualifications to be president doesn’t suit my understanding that a president was not supposed to be a qualified professional, but simply a person whose outlook is of the citizens of the country he/she represents. In a way this notion of qualifications seems to distance a president when he should be involved. I bet if Mr. Bush had not been so dependent on his advisers he might have seemed less out of touch, sort of taking charge, not behaving as he was supposed to to look qualified and professional and all.


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