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This sort’a stuff from media empires’ve been first in donald trump searches for a few days now.

 July 30, 2016 Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time The Guardian‎ – 1 hour ago Donald Trump travelled to Moscow in 2013 to meet Vladimir Putin hoping to discuss plans for a Trump … Continue reading

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Maybe there’s another Trump.

The only thing I knew about Donald Trump was what I saw accidentally in video clips of his looking mean and saying “You’re fired”, and reports that he was declaring bankruptcy, and his laughable concern about President Obama’s place of … Continue reading

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Sanders, Clinton and Bloomberg

July 24, 2016 “Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton New York Times- 1 hour ago”   Whose fair share? November 3, 2012 Once a Democrat now a Republican,  billionaire Mayor Bloomberg recently endorsed  Democrat Mr. Obama’s candidacy. … Continue reading

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The Hipster and His Jazz Lingo

As warmer summer-like weather approaches broadcasters tell of imminent jazz festivals. But my first understanding of the term jazz is of bebop jazz; that music whose rhythms flew to the stratosphere and that drummers punctuated with bass drum bombs, its … Continue reading

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For me change is a new word and with a new meaning. I can’t recall when I first was forced to give it my thoughts, perhaps when the words prejudiced/biased were replaced by the word racist. And what’s new about … Continue reading

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A Windfall For Bernie

All the talk about Bernie Sanders winning big on the $15.00 an hour minimum wage has brought back an experience that I had about ten years ago at an LCBO in the Union Station’s now out of use east platform. … Continue reading

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Remembering Mayor Ford

This old post below comes to mind whenever CP24 mentions John Tory. Today his name often came up about his getting people into public housing. The Black Lives Matter group mentioned him as a person wrongly supporting police involvement in … Continue reading

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