A Windfall For Bernie

All the talk about Bernie Sanders winning big on the $15.00 an hour minimum wage has brought back an experience that I had about ten years ago at an LCBO in the Union Station’s now out of use east platform. As I was checking out some beer the woman cashier was talking to someone just ahead of me; she said, Yeh, but “they don’t give us enough hours“. I was surprised because I thought LCBO workers worked full time for the government of Ontario. Back then many of us felt we were not getting enough hours. I wonder if that $15.00 an hour is for a forty-hour week which might have been pretty good in Canada 15 Years ago. But if they’re working people part time the way they do up here with minimum wage workers, people could still be hustling two jobs just to earn a living even at $15:00 an hour. I hope Bernie’s not as excited about his platform win as most U.S. online journalists seem to be. Shame he lost the trade agreement plank. I’m sure that trade determines the size of the labour pool, hours of work, taxes and that $ 15.00 an hour windfall.