For me change is a new word and with a new meaning. I can’t recall when I first was forced to give it my thoughts, perhaps when the words prejudiced/biased were replaced by the word racist. And what’s new about the meaning of “change” is its being equated with good. For “change” has throughout recorded human history been something to dread. The ancient Greek Herodotus in talking about ancient Egyptians’ believing illness is caused by what one eats said that he himself has always believed that the cause of illness is “change”. But the recent championing of change by political speakers and their writers sometimes seems to have been picked up and offered as a treat that will bring good things to those who have very little. But “change” is not good to them that have, for them “change” means uncertainty and the loss of what they possess of money and influential jobs. Among those who have are those who are better educated by better schools afforded by families of a better class. Consequently those whose families are minimally secure in money and better jobs tend to want “change” and may follow anyone who promises it, even Mr. Trump who believes wages in America are too high; but Mr. Trump implicitly offers “change” in promising to bring back America’s greatness the mythic time when those who have little were able to obtain more in wages and financial security than is possible today, a condition they believed would never change.