Maybe there’s another Trump.

The only thing I knew about Donald Trump was what I saw accidentally in video clips of his looking mean and saying “You’re fired”, and reports that he was declaring bankruptcy, and his laughable concern about President Obama’s place of birth; all this ugliness was made known to me by media. But several years ago a man who I’ve known since I was a teenager showed me a snapshot of himself with Mr. Trump that made me rethink my unfavourable Trump impression especially when I saw that snapshot on the studio kitchen counter of another old friend.

All this happened before Mr. Trump became a candidate for president which was certainly not a time when media provided objective information about him or his policies. I remember President Clinton being quoted as saying that Mr. Trump’s primary campaign was “fact free”, and frequent media assertions that no one should worry that Trump might become the Republican nominee for president in 2016; and like those confidently negative assertions, now that he is the Republican candidate, some experts assert he’ll never be president which  may be true since there are more Democrats than Republicans.

Today the attacks continue. When I put a letter d ,as I’ve done for months, into the Google box the name Donald Trump was filled in giving me a page of files seething with numerous headers heaping scorn on his candidacy, especially one that appeared several times over the page attributed to the wife of President Obama. There were so many of these Democrat anti Trump files that I had to verify to myself that this was not a Clinton Democrat page; so I put a letter c into the Google box then as usual had to ad the letters i and before Mrs. Clinton’s name appeared complete in that Google box