Anyone from Toronto?

Today when you tell someone you’ve lived in Toronto since you were born they keep wanting to know where you’re from. I can’t recall when asking where you’re really from started; when I was growing up everyone seemed to be Torontonian except my grandparents, one of whom told me she’d emigrated from Italy when her … More Anyone from Toronto?

Mind Shaping Media Topics

Media topics become public issues especially as characterizations of people and predictions about political outcomes. These media hammered topics about race, colour, gender, education and sometimes religious affiliation are repeated as though they are what truly concerns its readers and video viewers, sometimes provoking “social media”  reactions to its hammering these topics as though they … More Mind Shaping Media Topics

Categorizing Voters

I read an online article yesterday (August 22, 2016) that suggested that though Mr. Trump’s supporters have been identified as men who have lost jobs to current free trade arrangements, he is better received in areas where people are still working and have benefited from an improving economy. Those who one might have expected to … More Categorizing Voters

Mr Trump’s 2 Big Problems

Donald Trump’s God Problem Newsweek‎ – 3 hours ago In recent months, each of you has endorsed Donald Trump in his campaign to become president of the United States. Mr. Speaker, you … Newsweek Donald Trump’s Problem With ‘The Blacks’ Huffington Post‎ – 5 hours ago

Donald Trump must be stopped. That’s what socialist Sanders says and to make certain that he’s stopped all Sanders supporters must vote for Mrs. Clinton. An independent candidate for president also says that Trump must be stopped. Most American and online British media organizations say he must be stopped. For some time U.S. media headers … More

Hearing the Tone of Words

The most difficult element of rhetorical style to characterize is tone. I’ve seen funny movies that are satirical in that they mock social habits and conventions through irony; yet reviewers write about plot and comic effectiveness, scarcely noting the object of the humour. Sarcasm another use of ironic tone says one thing but means another. Mathematical and news … More Hearing the Tone of Words

Nothing new here.

They’ve been united against him since he started trying to be the Republican president nominee way back in the summer of 2015 when he and his supporters (crazies and working class whites) became the but of the media’s inside joke reminding me of Canada’s media’s anti Rob Ford fiasco when even Jimmy Kimmel down south took … More Nothing new here.