‘Lovely Weather We Are Having”

Donald Trump eating fried chicken with fork sends Internet into meltdown

Published August 02, 2016

Again; except for that 3/4-year-old snapshot with Trump and my old friend, everything I know about him comes from online journalists, like his fried chicken eating etiquette that reminds me of my old musician friends’ sometimes idiosyncratic habits. This chicken eating report indicates that he’s being carefully watched. He should like, a Pink Panther devotee, check all closets and heavy drapes for listening devices.

When I tried to get the latest political Trump news at 4.00 pm. On Aug. 2, at the top of my Google page I got Mr. Obama denigrating Trump as possible presidential pick.  And then Republican representative Hanna appeared announcing he would vote for Democrat Clinton. Even Rush Limbaugh is getting annoyed with Mr. Trump, wanting him to react less personally, maybe more presidentially   even.

I’m surprised by the virulence of Mr. McCain’s criticism of Trump his fellow Republican that’s had plenty of online attention for at least 2 days now; but apparently McCain’s daughters are voting for Clinton.

Earlier today there was one more big announcement on this morning’s CP24 television news about that great man Warren Buffet joining the Clinton team with fellow monied money-man and tenuous Republican, Michael Bloomberg, and that self-styled socialist Sanders.