You never know who’s in charge.

Yesterday I rode the TTC. I saw a little group standing at the turnstiles of the Carlton subway entrance. No one was in the ticket box on either side just a professionally printed shiny sign reading ticket taker not here. I stopped, looked again at a little group stopped before the row of turnstiles, then turned back to the little sign and noticed at the bottom it read just put your ticket in the box and enter; which I dumbly did, and wished I hadn’t because a man with a handful of yellow transfers for other modes of transit wherever which he distributed to everyone like me who’d dumbly found their way through the invisible blockade. I told him I had entered only when I noticed at the bottom of the sign, put your fare in the box and enter. With some irritation he said, we can’t have a sign for everything. That sign which I’ve seen on numerous occasions really did say something like ticket taker has left his post and will soon return and I’ve often wondered why vacating that ticket taking/ selling post could be acceptable to TTC management and Toronto’s political leaders to say nothing of the sign itself institutionalizing the practise and substituting a sign for a person who should have remained in the booth warning entrants not to enter.

When Donald Trump says his country is in a terrible state, recalling yesterday’s hellish trip on public transit one more indication to me that no one seems in charge, I say so is ours, perhaps as is the entire West, the so-called first world. And when he says he will not back Paul Ryan and John McCain in their upcoming Republican primaries to be re-elected to their congress and senate positions, I recall I never could understand why Mr. Ryan and Mr. McCain have been such successful Republican politicians. They always seemed based on what media said, only good at politics, like Mrs. Clinton maybe knowing the political ropes so to speak; maybe like Toronto’s mayor,  councillors and the head of the TTC whoever that is. You never know who’s in charge.