Ask him to leave.

“Mike Pence Should Get Donald Trump to Withdraw AUG. 8, 2016″

November 2, 2016

Attempts to dismiss Donald Trump started in journalist-mocking reviews of his August 6, 2015 Republican primary debate performance. As his 15 or 16 opponents began departing they started attacking his supporters some described by a Toronto Star reporter as people who would not be allowed into his servant’s quarters, identified as “deplorables” after he’d become the Republican candidate for president. Today one week before the November 8 election he’s still around despite media taunts that he should quit while he’s behind.

His policies I believe, though difficult to discern amidst the barrage of name calling and personal mockery, may include increasing military spending, keeping wages low, and lessening business regulations seem of the tired old road-to-nowhere approach. But there is one way his candidacy may mean more than his tired old policy rants like keeping education local, and even his Obama-like America first trade comments. That is, he is the first public figure; to openly challenge free trade policies especially the West’s free trade with China where everything Canadian consumers buy is manufactured.