What’s a socialist?

When I read that Dominic Straus Kahn, head of the world bank and likely president of France before his facing charges of sexual impropriety, and Mr. Sanders having purchased his 3’rd house was among the top 4% of America’s income earners were both socialists I had to give my head a real shake even though I’d begun getting suspicious of socialists well before that NDP convention when a former Liberal P.Q. cabinet minister became Canada’s socialist leader. I guess we can attribute my having to learn that a socialist was nothing like the image of a socialist I’d grown up with in a working class family. To me that old socialist characterization was probably based on the persona of Tommy Douglas the mythical leader of the apparent socialist CCF that became the NDP.

Today Livy’s reflecting on the end of the republican Roman constitution and the beginnings of the imperial, one man dictatorship grows in relevance, “..; nowhere have thrift and plain living been for so long held in such high esteem. Indeed, poverty, with us, went hand in hand with contentment. Of late years wealth has made us greedy, and self-indulgence has brought us, through every form of sensual excess, to be, if I may so put it, in love with death both individual and collective.”(Livy 59 BC.-17 AD.)