Donald Trump must be stopped. That’s what socialist Sanders says and to make certain that he’s stopped all Sanders supporters must vote for Mrs. Clinton. An independent candidate for president also says that Trump must be stopped. Most American and online British media organizations say he must be stopped. For some time U.S. media headers have encouraged Mr. Trump to do the inevitable and withdraw, some suggest a negotiated withdrawal allowing Mrs. Clinton to be president without an election I take it.

But I don’t recall anyone saying that Clinton should be stopped or withdraw; though I did see one article suggesting that voting for Clinton as a lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil.

So what is it that has Republicans, Democrats and others wanting to push Trump and his supporters out the door? Here I have to remind that getting Trump to not try to get elected in November means nullifying the wishes of his supporters who made him the Republican presidential candidate for 2016. Perhaps their wishes didn’t really count because they, the poorly educated, did not know the real Trump as Mr. Brooks implied in his article about Trump the deceiver.

I followed much of what was written about the 2008, and 2012 election for U.S. president, but don’t recall efforts to stop anyone. So what is it about Trump who is characterized as the cause and inevitable cause of every local and international horror that can be thought of? Is it his big mouth, his hyperbole, his arbitrary unscripted ironies, his hair, his tiny hands, his KFC etiquette, his not publishing his income tax statement. Maybe it’s his surprisingly un victorian, unfree trade pronouncements: the loss of investment opportunities that might result; or the loss of media business for actors, directors, writers and technicians.