Mind Shaping Media Topics

Media topics become public issues especially as characterizations of people and predictions about political outcomes. These media hammered topics about race, colour, gender, education and sometimes religious affiliation are repeated as though they are what truly concerns its readers and video viewers, sometimes provoking “social media”  reactions to its hammering these topics as though they were all that could possibly interest anyone within media’s range.

What does concern everyone of any race, colour, gender, age, education or religious persuasion is their own and their family’s existence, and what they are forced to do to maintain that existence.

But typical of media  we read from the guardian.com on Saturday August 27, 2016

“Donald Trump’s legacy threatens to be return of race politics to the mainstream”

And in Time online

“Donald Trump Still Has a Big Problem With Millennials”

But scarcely any news outlet with its professional staff of collegial journalists would say anything about the plight of the expanding mass of real people of all genders and all races who care desperately about their own economic survival and not whether politicians or political parties favour their colour, nationality, education  or gender;  for the 99 percenters, the “have nots” comprise all classifiable groups, all identifiable cultures.