I wrote what follows way back in 2008 during the Democrat and Republican  presidential primaries. I don’t understand what I meant By “Democrat victor Hillary Clinton” because Obama eventually defeated Clinton (probably reflects the popular inevitability of her beating Obama) and defeated Republican McCain in the 2008 election. The NAFTA issue and the Iraq war … More NAFTA

Fact and Opinion

Back when Mr. Trump began telling everyone he was trying to be the Republican candidate for president, just after Shields and Brooks on PBS said he wasn’t a serious contender; former president Mr. Bill Clinton husband of Mrs. Clinton the Democrat candidate said that Mr. Trump was running a “fact free” campaign kinda like “fat … More Fact and Opinion

Liar Liar!

I read much of the online commentary about the 2012 election between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney I don’t recall the liar theme ever appearing. But over the past year cries of “liar” directed against political opponents most notably by Mr. Trump against lying Ted, and now by journalists in online articles  with headers numbering … More Liar Liar!