Trump’s Cool


I published the following back in 2015 when linguists started trying to analyze Mr. Trump’s talk. My view printed below was inspired by my reading over the years of McLuhan’s little book “Understanding Media”.


I just came across an article about linguists analyzing Mr. Trump’s public speaking style; their analyses seemed to indicate that no other politicians have engaged in his kind of discourse. My view of his diction is based on my reaction to some of the seemingly unprovoked aggressively hurled adjectives that Mr. Trump’s reported to have said  like “low energy” and other derogatory terms such as “terrible” and the “worst” to describe his opponents abilities contrasted with his own as  though he were spontaneously  responding to someone on the street or as if he were a D.J., not a politician delivering a carefully focused essay-like coherent speech from a professorial podium to a waiting faceless elite, but “cool”  as McLuhan might have described him back in the “cool” Dave Mickey 60‘s or the Hound Dog 50‘s. His words spurt out with the uninhibited disjointed gusto of the electronic media age: words like comic book images sporadically pouring from all over the place, non-stop and without apprehension, made coherent by Trumps intense self congratulatory enthusiasm and his listeners’ putting things together the way they’re used to connecting video dots and comic book imagery.