Haves=Educated Women, Have Nots=Blue Collar Men

Educated women pose big problem for Donald Trump in key suburbs

Philadelphia’s suburbs have far more voters than blue-collar communities, and women there appear to loathe the Republican nominee. By Sun., Sept. 4, 2016

Things are getting confusing. I used to think only the wealthy, the haves,were the loathed Republicans, and that the Democrats were the struggling have-nots. Since Trump entered the race for president I keep reading that those who are better off, the  better educated especially women favour the Democrats, and that the working class, the blue-collar stiffs favour the Republicans. So according to logic one might assume that the well-educated rich will vote for the Democrat candidate, and that poor uneducated men will vote Republican.

I think that the educators who’ve trained journalists to categorize people, especially voters, according to gender,education and race  have got it all wrong. Levels of pecuniary income and the need to labour for that income  I think offers a more accurate depiction of voter preference. Education itself does not guarantee the income needed to keep one from falling from the polite circles of the middle class. I have a drummer friend who’s visited Cuba yearly who always brings extra drum sticks with him because he says Cuban drummers can’t get them. Then he adds, rather incongruently: they’re all professors over there.