An Important Election

I read something online attributed to Clint Eastwood movie actor turned politician once mayor of Carmel California who apparently said  without, offering his support, that Donald Trump might be “onto something”, and that he himself unlike Mrs. Clinton who made a lot of money from politics, lost a lot of money in politics. But I ’ve always felt that  what’s really significant about the Clinton Trump election contest is that it’s a contest among equals, friends even like opponents in a medieval joust; maybe that’s why Sanders didn’t have a chance; he’s too upper middle class in wealth and outlook. Trump and Clinton share the same big money society. Mr. Clinton and Mr. Trump used to chum around with the same crowd; Hillary Clinton and her daughter were invited and attended Mr. Trump’s most recent wedding; and they’re on each others Christmas card list. And I think I recall a media report that before he entered the Republican primaries President Clinton telephoned Mr. Trump and asked why he didn’t run for president.