They say he’s a socialist.

Maybe I’m the only one thinking this way, but I can’t stop thinking that the term socialist has taken on a new meaning especially since I heard that former World Bank head Mr. Straus Khan was expected to become socialist leader of France before he got tarred for an escapade with a New York hotel maid. And I gather that he’s not poor  like I used to think socialists were supposed to be. And there’s that last NDP convention that chose a former Quebec Liberal cabinet minister as leader whose great-grandfather had once been  Quebec’s premiere, like an informal inherited right: passing a title down the family line you might say.
And socialist policies don’t seem what I grew up imagining they were meant for, like helping protect the disadvantaged, the way Tommy Douglas boxer and Baptist preacher was supposed to have led the NDP’s precursor, the CCF to help poor widows in Western Canada.
And I can’t stop thinking of the time the now deceased Jack Layton knocked on my door to ask that I vote for the NDP to protect the environment about the same time that people began populating sidewalks not far from my door. That was the only time the NDP or CCF socialists ever won here, and they won under Ontario Premier Bob Ray who after became the interim  leader of the federal Liberal party. I never could fathom his socialism or how Liberals could stomach a socialist in their midst; maybe they didn’t know that Canadians of the dominant Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties once equated socialism with communism. And since they started the party primaries down in the states they keep calling Bernie Sanders a socialist; but it is difficult to understand how one of his priorities fighting global warming can solace the needy, or how his hanging in the Democrat  primaries after he’d been mathematically defeated spending the tax money of the very people I used to believe socialists wanted to help so he could pay for secret service protection long after the viability of his candidacy had ended.

And today, October 5, 2016, I read that Vice President Biden was wondering why his net worth is less than  Mr. Sander’s, a socialist.