Fact and Opinion

Back when Mr. Trump began telling everyone he was trying to be the Republican candidate for president, just after Shields and Brooks on PBS said he wasn’t a serious contender; former president Mr. Bill Clinton husband of Mrs. Clinton the Democrat candidate said that Mr. Trump was running a “fact free” campaign kinda like “fat free”. Everyone who’s followed online reports about Trump now that he’s the Republican presidential  candidate has seen the “fact check” media headers that seem to be confirming Mr. Clinton’s view that Mr. Trump’s campaign for president is “fact free”. There are so many of these “fact check” headers all looking the same like leaves on summer trees that they don‘t look worth reading. Mr. Rush Limbaugh one of the few media workers still sticking his neck out to support Trump says these fact check articles are about journalists’ opinions, and not really about correcting Trump’s factual/ “fact free” errors. I remember reading an article online about the time Mr. Pence was chosen as Mr. Trump’s vice president partner. The article’s writer apologized for having devoted years to writing about Mr. Pence’s scarce understanding of the issues that he was voting on, because, he says, most politicians don’t know much more than Mr. Pence.

This morning of September 28, 2016; I read of a proposed law giving victims of the 2001 September 11 World Trade Center terrorist bombing the right to sue the nation where the bombers had originated. This legal proposal was passed unanimously in the U.S congress and senate by only a nameless show of hands. Now that President Obama has vetoed the proposal it’s been said that the same elected representatives are now finally reading the bill before their names are publicised in the veto override vote.

This afternoon according to Associated Press

…Senators voted 97-1 to override Obama’s veto. The lone “no” vote was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev…