I wrote what follows way back in 2008 during the Democrat and Republican  presidential primaries. I don’t understand what I meant By “Democrat victor Hillary Clinton” because Obama eventually defeated Clinton (probably reflects the popular inevitability of her beating Obama) and defeated Republican McCain in the 2008 election. The NAFTA issue and the Iraq war were central to presidential politics back then as they are today. Today NAFTA seems even more important because since that 2008 election its helped give life to Donald Trump’s candidacy and the formidable group arrayed against him led by Hillary Clinton whose husband ensured that NAFTA became law.

War, NAFTA and Primary Victors

Wed. March 5, 2008

On March 4, 2008 the war backers and NAFTA promoters came out on top.

Why do I say that? Well McCain now Republican presidential candidate as a result of his March 4 victories would support the war in Iraq for 100 years, and believes most Americans would too if no Americans were physically harmed.

And Democrat victor Hillary Clinton signed the legislation authorizing the war, and refused to sign the amendment to that authorization, and adamantly refuses to rescind that authorization. And she recently voted to authorize Bush’s using force against Iran if he thinks it necessary.

NAFTA promoters Hillary and Bill Clinton, early in her husband’s first Presidential term ensured that NAFTA would become law.

And McCain who accepts lost American jobs as gone forever defends NAFTA as adamantly as he supports the Mid- East war.


September 28, 2016

I hear that no big name CEO’s are supporting Donald Trump. Anti Trumpists  like Larry  Cramer (not Cudlow)  of CNBC whose words are quoted below favoring NAFTA tells me why: – Donald Trump has been telling people that trade deals like NAFTA are making America poorer.

…”These trade deals that ship American jobs overseas also have an upside for the American consumer: lower prices on just about everything. It’s a bargain, some would say an unholy bargain, but this tradeoff is very real and it needs to be explored,” the “Mad Money” host said…

NAFTA is a central feature of that Victorian, Adam Smithian ideal “free trade” which eliminates tariffs, a government source of income which must be replaced by the downside of taxing the consumers of those tariff free goods. It’s been said that free trade in England of the early 18 hundreds led to the beginning of the now ubiquitous income tax.