A Can of Worms or Just A Hot Potato

“First you say you do then you don’t you’re undecided now so what are you gohohona do?”

The bill to permit victims of 9/11 bombing to sue citizens of  Saudi Arabia that President Obama vetoed has become a can of worms that seemed straight forward when I first  heard about it; though I was rather surprised that the bill became law because of the intimate relationship shared by America and Arabia since early in the 20th century.

And I was again surprised when President Obama vetoed this bill that had been accepted as law by both Republicans and Democrats in  both houses of the American congress. But when the veto was overturned by the senate with only one Democrat senator voting against  Obama’s veto it seemed incomprehensible that the president would have vetoed the bill in the first place. Didn’t he know that all but three of his own party supporters would vote to nullify his veto, with Mrs. Clinton’s VP Mr. Kaine and her supporter Mr. Sanders both absent. And when I heard that the political representatives, even House leader Ryan, who’d voted against the veto were having second thoughts  about the bill they’d made law , I could not but be mystified by the political intricacies entailed by this revisiting the legislation they’d in effect accepted  a second time by  overriding the president’s attempt to nullify it with his veto.