“Is Donald Trump a Fascist?”

Donald Trump has again provoked the question, this time in the New Republic, “Is Donald Trump a Fascist?” This question again signals the ongoing failure among political people to confront and understand America’s, the West’s present economic, social and moral conundrum. Back in 1852 when he published his first edition of The 18’th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte in New York Karl Marx thought

…Man makes his own history, but he does not make it out of the whole cloth; he does not make it out of conditions chosen by himself, but out of such as he finds close at hand. The tradition of all past generations weighs like an alp upon the brain of the living. At the very time when men appear engaged in revolutionizing things and themselves, in bringing
about what never was before, at such very epochs of revolutionary crisis do they anxiously conjure up into their service the spirits of the past, assume their names, their battle cries, their costumes to enact a new historic scene in such time-honored disguise and with such borrowed language Thus did Luther masquerade as the Apostle Paul; thus did the revolution of 1789-1814 drape itself alternately as Roman Republic and as Roman Empire; nor did the revolution of 1818 know what better to do than to parody at one time the year 1789, at another the revolutionary traditions of 1793-95 Thus does the beginner, who has acquired a new language, keep on translating it back into his own mother tongue; only
then has he grasped the spirit of the new language and is able freely to express himself therewith when he moves in it without recollections of the old, and has forgotten in its use his own hereditary tongue…

And so today we waste precious time and resources attempting to make sense of the present by conjuring the spirits of the actors in Mankind’s greatest man-made catastrophe.