Red Buttons

Little red buttons in a row
adorn little faces.

Oblivious it seems to the regimented symbolism
of those little red emblems
placed neatly across the screen

like crosses
in memory of names lost in forgotten battles.

Plastic poppies obediently placed in electronic fields
under little faces.

“Water on Mars? Again?”

This morning of September 28, 2015 my Cp24 CTV television channel kept telling me how excited I should be about NASA’s discovery of incontrovertible proof of water flowing on planet Mars implying the real possibility of life beyond planet Earth. I then went to my CBC TV channel and saw that Canada’s own broadcaster seemed just as excited about there being water flowing on Mars. So I tried to get NASA’s online site as I’ve been able to do in the past so that I could learn precisely what NASA scientists said about Mars and water, but this time I kept getting media organizations with The Guardian of England on top followed by CNN then pages of other media files all announcing NASA’s discovery of flowing water on Mars. I then tried to get at the NASA site indirectly so I put Canada’s SkyNews into my Google box but got everything but Canada’s Astronomy magazine. I then tried the U.S.’s Sky and Telescope and got The September 26 to October 3, 2015 edition with an August 25, 2015 article entitled “Scientists Find Ancient Lake on Mars By: Alex Green | August 25, 2015 – See more at:”

…………………………………………………………………………………………………… Bryan Hynek (University of Colorado, Boulder) and colleagues used spacecraft observations and terrain models to determine that the deposit sits at the bottom of a depression, fed by inflow channels from higher terrain and drained by what looks like a big outflow channel from the depression’s lowest point. As the team argues in August 5th’s issue of Geology, the feature is potentially an ancient impact crater that was degraded and filled by water. The water then evaporated and left the chloride behind. – See more at:………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The results of the analysis indicate that the lakebed is no older than 3.6 billion years old. [h]owever, this upper limit slightly contradicts the suggested time period when Mars is thought to have been warm enough to sustain large amounts of water on its surface, an era tha[n] [t] ended roughly 100 million years prior. The presence of a lake during or after this time implies that Mars could still preserve some bodies of water shortly after the planet’s wet climate era ended,.. – See more at:

So all of this excitement about water on Mars is based on a Martian chloride deposit in an apparent dried up impact crater thought to having been filled by water over 3 billion years ago.

Today September 30; I put NASA, Mars into the search box and finally got and the video I’d seen Monday Sept 28 on CP24 linked to an image titled Journey to Mars with the caption: “NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars” I again tried to get Sky and Telescope’s awareness of NASA’s water flowing on Mars today video and finally got the article “Waterlogged Salts on Mars By: Camille M. Carlisle, September 28, 2015″. Yet I still cannot stop wondering how the August 25, 2015 article Bryan Hynek and colleagues in Sky and Telescope based on the August 5 Geology publication about 3.6 billion year old salt water traces has in just over a month become water flowing on Mars today. Is there any connection between the contents of these two articles? Are NASA’s observations inspired by the findings in the August 5 Geology publication?

Today is October 1, 2015. Since I saw the water flowing on Mars NASA video on CP24 television and CBC’s ecstatic report about water presently flowing on Mars I came across a report published online by a slew of researchers in Nature Geoscience under the header “Spectral evidence for hydrated salts in recurring slope lineae on Mars” dated September 28, 2015; the same day as the NASA video presentation by a another bunch of researchers from NASA. The Geoscience online blurb of September 28 contradicts the unreserved video assertion by television media reports that “NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars” For on that same September 28, 2015,the Geoscience researchers affirm “..,yet no direct evidence for either liquid water or hydrated salts has been found…” The UK “Sky News”, however, quotes a sentence later in the same blurb “…Our findings strongly support the hypothesis that recurring slope lineae form as a result of contemporary water activity on Mars…” But of course these statements are cleared of contradiction by the word“hypothesis”, for though there is as “yet  no direct evidence for either liquid water or hydrated salts” presently on Mars those who made this statement will permit the use of their findings to support the hypothesis that there is water flowing on Mars today, reminding me of the 2013 question in a 2015 Sky and telescope publication: “How Many Times has NASA discovered water on Mars?”Water on MarsBy: The Editors of Sky Telescope | July 16, 2013 For the answer, look in the September 2013 issue, where author Emily Lakdawalla sets the record straight.- See more at: And here’s what she says in her September 2013 introduction to her answer.

Water on Mars? Again?

Didn’t we discover that already? NASA has “discovered water on Mars” so many times over the last two decades that some editors have forbidden their writers from covering the topic. Water on Mars today is easy for anyone to spot: you can see it plainly on Mars through a small telescope. The white polar caps are made mostly of water ice, as are the thin blue-white clouds.In fact, water is everywhere in the solar system. The moons of the outer planets are made mostly of waterice, as are comets and trans-Neptunian objects. Water is bound into the minerals on asteroids and rocky planets.There is even water ice at the surface on the Moon and Mercury. If water is common, why are we fascinated with water on Mars? It’s because most people are not very interested in icenwater, mineral-bound water, and intensely high-pressure water sealed under thick, icy crusts. We want running,swirling, pooling, eroding, dissolving,chemistry-facilitating liquid water. Beyond Earth, Mars is the only place where water has done nearly all of the myriad things that it does non Earth: it has rained, snowed, run off , eroded hills, filled basins, hosted chemistry, and glued sediments into rocks.These sedimentary rocks preserve the evidence of water’s activity billions of years ago.But Mars is not Earth and there are crucial unanswered questions. Did Mars’s liquid water persist for millions of years or more in seas or oceans? And did its presence give life a chance to originate and, for a little while, flourish? If liquid water persisted on Mars, and we don’t find evidence for life there, what does that mean? Those questions have motivated modern Mars exploration.

In 2003 I bought a Barlow eye piece to view Mars when it was at one of its closest approaches to earth, and for days observed its “white polar caps”…”made mostly of water ice”. About the time I was trying to understand how so many news outlets around the planet had been promulgating an hypothesis about water flowing on Mars on September 28, 2015, I read an article suggesting that NASA was suffering from government funding cutbacks and reverted to that old water on Mars theory to warrant the public attention that might lead to an increase in public funding.

The greater problem here is not financial, but media’s uncritical acceptance of what experts tell them and their willingness to teach it.

A Wikipedia page covers what I’ve learned from viewing Mar’s ice caps and what I’ve picked up from media accounts written during the weeks surrounding September 28, 2015. Mar’s cold temperatures explains both the icecaps/frozen water and why liquid water would not be possible today. The idea that Mars was once warmer than it is supports the view that water once flowed on Mars but has since become ice like the ice caps I viewed in 2003. But  because Mar’s climate is so cold today, speculation that vertical grooves/lineae appearing yearly during seasonal warmings, still freezing cold on earth, result from flowing  water do not support even the hypothesis that water is flowing on Mars today. I am not a scientist, however, and so the subtle variations in Martian temperatures that may “anually”cause frozen water to thaw and flow down vertical lineae escape my understanding.

Maybe pundits are just journalists doing a job.

“Donald Trump’s epic meltdown, explained”

Updated by Mathew Yglesias- Oct 15,2016,8:30a

This meltdown header from a Vox writer has appeared high in responses to Donald Trump Google searches for some days now. Today(October 16) I opened it for the first time. The writer’s thesis that explains Mr. “Trump’s epic meltdown” is that Trump is an inferior candidate, which reminds me of the daily online headers mockingly telling Mr. Trump to quit well before that first Trump-Clinton debate that this writer, Mathew Yglesias, believes highlights the glaring weaknesses of Trump’s candidacy.  Way back on August 6, 2015, Mr. Trump debated a mob of other Republicans seeking the Republican right to run for president.  Journalists Shields’ and  Brooks’ review of that debate on PBS belittled Mr. Trump as not being a serious candidate even though he eventually triumphed over the group that included Mr. Jeb Bush and the objects of Shields’ and Brooks’ praise, Mr. Rubio and Mr. Kasich. Throughout the Republican primaries many online journalists’ reacted with derision to everything Mr. Trump said; Huffington Post reported his campaigning in their entertainment section as his serious political opponents dwindled in number till the last of the crowd who debated on August 6,2015 was the one whose name that online journalists evoked as they tenderly soothed readers with – don’t worry Donald Trump won’t be the Republican candidate for president on November 8 2016.

Talk about whether or not leftist are the source of hurricane warnings is a reminder that weather is becoming part of political/media discourse. This endless palaver about climate agreements and taxing carbon production designed to to improve the climate for future generations is beginning to seem to mask the haze and noise presently emitted into the air over wrappings and printed papers flying from lawn to lawn.

Nothing noted below has changed.

Saturday, 5 December, 2009

Kyoto is our mantra.

Talk has become a substitute for action; saying is as good as doing. Politicians are congratulated for speaking about actions that need to be taken whether or not those actions will ever be done.

The U.S. talks of peace but prepares strategies for war. The media, politicians, and international business types talk of global warming while business and government send more and more useless paper through the mail. Business and consumers clutter our streets and landfills with plastic water bottles,and Styrofoam packaging. Energy companies market insurance for air conditioners as though everyone who has a furnace must also have an air conditioner.

I did not vote for P.C. Rob Ford to be Toronto’s mayor when he defeated his Liberal challenger, a man who talked of getting into the legal marijuana business, now a respectable government approved concern here in Toronto and in other jurisdictions in North America. But when Mayor Ford began getting flack for ingesting crack cocaine a drug that heightens the debilitating psychological effects of marijuana, much of what I learned about Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol antics I learned from Canada’s The Toronto Star and The National Post.

Recently The Toronto Star has been reporting through their Washington Bureau reporter  Mr. Trump’s, the Republican candidate for president’s incorrect pronunciation of Nevada. Today the Toronto Star has jumped on another media band wagon with The National post to tell of  Trump’s talking (correctly pronounced obscene words emanating from his mouth) in an audio recording of Trump’ s obscene conversation about women. Coincidentally both incidents have developed from surreptitious recordings:  Mayor Ford was video-taped smoking dope, and Donald Trump was audio-taped engaged in obscene locker room type of bragging.

Donald Trump’s candidacy imploding over sexual assault remarks

Toronto Star10 hours ago

As I said I did not vote for P.C. Ford and scarcely had reason to be aware of him until he started getting flack from Canada’s media. My political inclinations lean left of seeming socialist Bernie Sanders. Similarly I could never imagine wanting to vote for Mr. Trump who thinks workers in America want too much money and need less business  regulation (a concern in Victorian England). Nevertheless, he does talk against that other Victorian goal “FREE TRADE”.

But both men having been pummeled at every turn by those who can afford to pummel them, I can’t help but fear the pummelers more than the pummeled.


Ever get the feeling someone’s watching?

As of yesterday Mr Trump has been exposed as the most sex driven politician who ever wanted to be United States President, probably worse than former President Bill Clinton who it’s said wants to get back into the White House when his wife becomes president.

Exposing Trump based on recordings of his obscene comments, reminds me of the recording in a private home of former Toronto mayor Ford in a stupor ranting about what he’d do to his adversaries. And there’s those video cameras they seem to have on every lamp-post that take your picture as you walk past. I saw some on television: one recently shown on CP24 about three cars videod in the vicinity of a shooting 2 years ago and more recently of several men walking out of the bottom right hand corner of my television shortly after a recent shooting in Riverdale. Sort of reminds me of the time when media devices started functioning as cameras. Some kids who I’d told to get off my lawn held up one of those devices grinning, presumably getting back at me by photographing me from a veranda two doors down.

You say Tumaytoh and I Say Tumattuh

The Toronto Star has been writing about Mr. Trump’s false hoods for some time now. Each day a Trump search gets a header at the top of one’s search results announcing the number of false hoods Mr. Trump’s guilty of. Today was a big day for the Toronto Star’s False-hood-by-Trump-reporting with 16 biggies yesterday; and the phonetician journalist doing the counting is familiar to me from the days leading up to the Canadian media’s successful campaign to rid Toronto of its mayor before his term stipulated in Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act of 2006 had been completed, thus nullifying the votes of more than three hundred thousand people who’d chosen him mayor in 2010.

Donald Trump said 16 false things on Wednesday, Oct. 5

Among other false things, Donald Trump incorrectly explained how to say “Nevada” at a rally in Nevada.


Donald Trump said 16 false things during a series of appearances in Nevada (pronounced Nev-ADD-a) Wednesday. (Ethan Miller / GETTY IMAGES)
By Daniel DaleWashington Bureau
Thu., Oct. 6, 2016