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Red Buttons

Little red buttons in a row adorn little faces. Oblivious it seems to the regimented symbolism of those little red emblems placed neatly across the screen like crosses in memory of names lost in forgotten battles. Plastic poppies obediently placed … Continue reading

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Thinking of Thales The September 28, 2015’s water flowing on Mars report promulgated on television and in online headers from North America to Great Britain reminded me of the early Greek philosopher Thales who taught that water, H2O, two parts … Continue reading

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Maybe pundits are just journalists doing a job.

“Donald Trump’s epic meltdown, explained” Updated by Mathew Yglesias- Oct 15,2016,8:30a This meltdown header from a Vox writer has appeared high in responses to Donald Trump Google searches for some days now. Today(October 16) I opened it for the first … Continue reading

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Talk about whether or not leftist are the source of hurricane warnings is a reminder that weather is becoming part of political/media discourse. This endless palaver about climate agreements and taxing carbon production designed to to improve the climate for … Continue reading

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I did not vote for P.C. Rob Ford to be Toronto’s mayor when he defeated his Liberal challenger, a man who talked of getting into the legal marijuana business, now a respectable government approved concern here in Toronto and in … Continue reading

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Ever get the feeling someone’s watching?

As of yesterday Mr Trump has been exposed as the most sex driven politician who ever wanted to be United States President, probably worse than former President Bill Clinton who it’s said wants to get back into the White House … Continue reading

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You say Tumaytoh and I Say Tumattuh

The Toronto Star has been writing about Mr. Trump’s false hoods for some time now. Each day a Trump search gets a header at the top of one’s search results announcing the number of false hoods Mr. Trump’s guilty of. … Continue reading

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