Ever get the feeling someone’s watching?

As of yesterday Mr Trump has been exposed as the most sex driven politician who ever wanted to be United States President, probably worse than former President Bill Clinton who it’s said wants to get back into the White House when his wife becomes president.

Exposing Trump based on recordings of his obscene comments, reminds me of the recording in a private home of former Toronto mayor Ford in a stupor ranting about what he’d do to his adversaries. And there’s those video cameras they seem to have on every lamp-post that take your picture as you walk past. I saw some on television: one recently shown on CP24 about three cars videod in the vicinity of a shooting 2 years ago and more recently of several men walking out of the bottom right hand corner of my television shortly after a recent shooting in Riverdale. Sort of reminds me of the time when media devices started functioning as cameras. Some kids who I’d told to get off my lawn held up one of those devices grinning, presumably getting back at me by photographing me from a veranda two doors down.