I did not vote for P.C. Rob Ford to be Toronto’s mayor when he defeated his Liberal challenger, a man who talked of getting into the legal marijuana business, now a respectable government approved concern here in Toronto and in other jurisdictions in North America. But when Mayor Ford began getting flack for ingesting crack cocaine a drug that heightens the debilitating psychological effects of marijuana, much of what I learned about Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol antics I learned from Canada’s The Toronto Star and The National Post.

Recently The Toronto Star has been reporting through their Washington Bureau reporter  Mr. Trump’s, the Republican candidate for president’s incorrect pronunciation of Nevada. Today the Toronto Star has jumped on another media band wagon with The National post to tell of  Trump’s talking (correctly pronounced obscene words emanating from his mouth) in an audio recording of Trump’ s obscene conversation about women. Coincidentally both incidents have developed from surreptitious recordings:  Mayor Ford was video-taped smoking dope, and Donald Trump was audio-taped engaged in obscene locker room type of bragging.

Donald Trump’s candidacy imploding over sexual assault remarks

Toronto Star10 hours ago

As I said I did not vote for P.C. Ford and scarcely had reason to be aware of him until he started getting flack from Canada’s media. My political inclinations lean left of seeming socialist Bernie Sanders. Similarly I could never imagine wanting to vote for Mr. Trump who thinks workers in America want too much money and need less business  regulation (a concern in Victorian England). Nevertheless, he does talk against that other Victorian goal “FREE TRADE”.

But both men having been pummeled at every turn by those who can afford to pummel them, I can’t help but fear the pummelers more than the pummeled.