Talk about whether or not leftist are the source of hurricane warnings is a reminder that weather is becoming part of political/media discourse. This endless palaver about climate agreements and taxing carbon production designed to to improve the climate for future generations is beginning to seem to mask the haze and noise presently emitted into the air over wrappings and printed papers flying from lawn to lawn.

Nothing noted below has changed.

Saturday, 5 December, 2009

Kyoto is our mantra.

Talk has become a substitute for action; saying is as good as doing. Politicians are congratulated for speaking about actions that need to be taken whether or not those actions will ever be done.

The U.S. talks of peace but prepares strategies for war. The media, politicians, and international business types talk of global warming while business and government send more and more useless paper through the mail. Business and consumers clutter our streets and landfills with plastic water bottles,and Styrofoam packaging. Energy companies market insurance for air conditioners as though everyone who has a furnace must also have an air conditioner.