Maybe pundits are just journalists doing a job.

“Donald Trump’s epic meltdown, explained”

Updated by Mathew Yglesias- Oct 15,2016,8:30a

This meltdown header from a Vox writer has appeared high in responses to Donald Trump Google searches for some days now. Today(October 16) I opened it for the first time. The writer’s thesis that explains Mr. “Trump’s epic meltdown” is that Trump is an inferior candidate, which reminds me of the daily online headers mockingly telling Mr. Trump to quit well before that first Trump-Clinton debate that this writer, Mathew Yglesias, believes highlights the glaring weaknesses of Trump’s candidacy.  Way back on August 6, 2015, Mr. Trump debated a mob of other Republicans seeking the Republican right to run for president.  Journalists Shields’ and  Brooks’ review of that debate on PBS belittled Mr. Trump as not being a serious candidate even though he eventually triumphed over the group that included Mr. Jeb Bush and the objects of Shields’ and Brooks’ praise, Mr. Rubio and Mr. Kasich. Throughout the Republican primaries many online journalists’ reacted with derision to everything Mr. Trump said; Huffington Post reported his campaigning in their entertainment section as his serious political opponents dwindled in number till the last of the crowd who debated on August 6,2015 was the one whose name that online journalists evoked as they tenderly soothed readers with – don’t worry Donald Trump won’t be the Republican candidate for president on November 8 2016.