The 2012 Presidential Election and its Aftermath

Immigration Reform A Second Term Priority

On January 21, 2013 (below), the day of President Obama’s 2nd public inauguration I recorded some of the opinions of what Mr. Obama’s political priorities  might be. After thinking about those assessments and the one in the January, 2013 edition of “Migration News” that I’ve been sitting on for too long now, I decided to quote that publication’s view that reforming immigration will be Mr. Obama’s most compelling act as President. And as the “Migration News”quotation below suggests immigration reform is a real bipartisan goal for both Republicans and Democrats; employers, some labour unions, and middle class citizens who can afford to hire imported nannies and lawn trimmers.

…Immigration reform is expected be a top domestic priority after issues surrounding the debt ceiling and spending cuts are resolved. President Obama in October 2012 called immigration reform his major “long-term” priority for a second term, and House Speaker John Boehner said that a “comprehensive approach [to immigration] is long overdue.” One summary of the politics of immigration reform concluded that the Democrats want immigration reform that includes legalization to reward Hispanic voters while the Republicans need immigration reform to increase their appeal to Hispanic voters. The coalition in support of comprehensive immigration reform includes employers seeking immigrant workers, from agriculture to IT firms, unions that want to represent newly legalized workers, and many other groups, from young people seeking immigrant status to evangelical pastors with Latino parishioners. Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union said: “We expect action and leadership on immigration reform in 2013. No more excuses. No more obstruction or gridlock.”…

Presidential Inauguration January 21, 2013

Is this what it all meant, the election that is ? Or is something better in store, something not yet noticed.

Have y’u  heard Mr. Obama’s startin’ a fresh new term: that’s how BNN characterized what Mitch McConnell said. And when they interviewed Michael Smart from Washington he said that this time around Mr. Obama would be going for free trade in a big way even though his trade union supporters might not be for it.

If that’s true maybe it’s because he won’t be runnin’ again. Or maybe he’s gonna get in line with his real supporters.

But here’s what an ABC News Utube upload caption reads:”The president will tackle gun control, immigration and national debt in the next four years.”

And a British paper, the Guardian states “Barack Obama cites climate change and gay rights in inauguration speech – live”.(Make sure you hit the Latest First link under the Obama’s’ photo to get the climate and gay rights prediction of the Jan.21, 2013 Guardian article. Nevertheless it is strange that the line “Barack Obama cites climate change and gay rights in inauguration speech – live”.which I copied and pasted from the article(s) seems to have disappeared.)

And the New York Times opinion is “Climate Change Given Prominence in Obama’s Address”.

Today, January 22,2013, I perused a NY Times report of Mr. Obama’s 2013 inauguration in which climate change, gay rights, and immigration are central to journalist, Peter Baker’s, view of Mr. Obama’s Inaugural Address outlining tasks for his second Presidential term. So far none of the reports of the inauguration speech say anything about the urgency of addressing poverty and the death rate for Americans under the age of 50 which affects citizens of all persuasions, perhaps even the rich. My guess is that emphasis on climate change, gay rights, and immigration may be items favoured by those who had the political and financial power to get him re-elected, and not the needs of the nation and those seeking justice.

November 2,2016

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Looking over the Guardian and the New York Times agreement in 2013 that climate change and gay rights would be top priorities for Obama’s second term, I recall that both media organizations have appeared at the top of Google searches for Donald Trump with similarly mocking characterizations of just about everything Mr. Trump has said or done as far back as I can recall.


November 3, 2016:2:30 pm.
I just got the following header courtesy of the Guardian at the top of an FBI Google search: the first I’ve seen of a charge that some in the FBI support Trump. I wonder if The Guardian originated this report?

‘The FBI is Trumpland’: anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks …
The Guardian-30 minutes ago