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The Bear

I just read an email from Ernie Bees telling about his learning that I was called “Bear” on page 3 or 4 of Robbie Robertson’s book Testimony. Last evening Ron Russell phoned to report his having been reading Testimony and … Continue reading

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So “what’s it all about” you explainers out there?

I just put Clinton into the Google box(December 27,2016) and got The New York Times,11 hrs ago, IBTimes UK · 6 hours ago and Daily Mail · 5 hours ago In a Trump search I got 2 NYT’s headers to … Continue reading

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The Times or The Guardian? Fact checks anyone?

The Guardian of England and the New York Times are again partnered at the top of Google search results page. Two headers are by The New York Times which is conspicuous again after taking a several days holiday with most … Continue reading

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So what are they saying in Mexico and the Middle East?

Donald Trump embracing same behaviours he condemned Hillary …–14 hours ago Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the second presidential … Trump adopting same behavior he criticized Clinton for Daily Mail–20 hours ago … Continue reading

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The Guardian Versus The New York Times

Since week # 1 in August 2015 when Mark Shields – and Brooks of the NYT  on the PBS News Hour reviewed the performers of the crowded first Republican debate I started noting the media corporations doing stories on Mr. … Continue reading

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Rule Britania

If you’d put Donald Trump into the Google search box via Mozilla you’d have got the three anti Trump headers that follow courtesy of the Online, long armed British media corporation The Guardian “Donald Trump on tape saying ‘every racist … Continue reading

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Is it true? (calling all fact checkers)

Like all opinion mine is biased against breaking electronic news deliverers. So in my opinion most who report what they call news online seem to warm to China and fear Russia. I’ve also picked up the view, perhaps one of … Continue reading

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