Is Something Wrong?

I wonder if  any of the “jaw dropper”media literates know that there’s something really wrong. If they do maybe they’re  not authorized to speak; so they just call people PC names like racist, sexist, homophobe, lier  lefty, right-winger. Nowadays when someone needs to get elected to fill a political position a crowd arrives so big that it’s hard to recall candidates’ names. I noticed it up here about a year after city councilors   got rid of  Toronto’s democratically elected mayor unconstitutionally. And in the U.S.A the same thing happened in the Republican primary. You have to wonder how all those people found out about it; so many showed up. I even forgot that Mr. Perry, Trump’s energy pick was in that crowd; I guess he left too early. Now I’m reading that someone’s trying to muscle electors to vote against Mr. Trump. And there are people writing headers online saying Trump is out to destroy democracy, and that he’s been  workin’ with the Russians down here during his recent election and not just up there on the international space station. So I wonder; is somethin’ wrong: like with the constitution; no not with the gun rights amendment, somethin’ like what went wrong with the Republican Roman constitution when the patricians started losing money.