The Guardian Versus The New York Times

Since week # 1 in August 2015 when Mark Shields – and Brooks of the NYT  on the PBS News Hour reviewed the performers of the crowded first Republican debate I started noting the media corporations doing stories on Mr. Trump whom both Shields and Brooks and a man with a British accent dismissed as a serious candidate while praising Kasich and Rubio with honourable mention to Fiorina who had to compete in a secondary debate; kinda sent to the minors because she didn’t qualify to be among the major league debating crowd. Shields pointed out that Trump’s arrogant comment to a female moderator from Fox News meant that he was in deep trouble with Fox a Republican supporting media outlet. He said you just don’t say the sort of thing  that Trump said to Kelly of Fox if you’re a serious contender for the Republican nomination for president. Then Huffington Post announced their putting Trump political stories in the entertainment section. Then I began noticing that Brook’s NYT was  putting out numerous stories mocking Trump’s candidacy; then I noticed The Guardian of Great Britain started looking as though they were competing with the NYT to have the most mockingly insulting stories about Trump always at the top of my Google Trump search results. Today December 23, 2016 I’ve noticed only stories by The Guardian still hurling mocking invective as they tell everyone of Trump’s latest ridiculous tweeting.