So what are they saying in Mexico and the Middle East?

Donald Trump embracing same behaviours he condemned Hillary …

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the second presidential …

Donald Trump, characterized as president-elect, once as the presumptive Republican candidate for president,  and for some days now Mrs. Clinton in disguise  as implied in online headers like the one above at the top of my Clinton Google search result this morning of December 26  by Canada’s Global News, and just below it in 3’rd place by Britain’s Daily Mail. One must wonder what effect these foreign media, like The Guardian, and Canada’s  The Toronto Star’s supercilious daily fact checking of Donald Trump before he became “president-elect” have had on American thinking and voting.
CBS is picking up that theme announced earlier by the foreign media online. I wonder if it’s true. I’m gonna guess that maybe it means that both Clinton and Trump represent the powers behind the throne, the filthy rich.
So now they tell us; now that it’s too late. Remember they used to say President Trump was on his own with just a “basket “of poorly educated”deplorables” cheering him on and that Mrs. Clinton’s supporters were respectable and properly educated. So now they tell us. Where were the fact checkers when we needed them?