Is Something Wrong?

I wonder if  any of the “jaw dropper”media literates know that there’s something really wrong. If they do maybe they’re  not authorized to speak; so they just call people PC names like racist, sexist, homophobe, lier  lefty, right-winger. Nowadays when someone needs to get elected to fill a political position a crowd arrives so big … More Is Something Wrong?


She insists her eyes are irrefutable; And I eager to comply say I’m fooled. Play oblivious to embarrassment Don pointed cap and twinkle toes, Assume a character void of schemes Play whatever seems against sense. Physicians may chortle diagnoses Psychiatrists trace My subterranean pedigree; Say I’m mad Solicit sympathies; Still miss the intricacies That complicate … More Psychologism

The British Broadcasting Corporation

thinks it knows Why pop stars won’t play for Trump By Mark Savage BBC Music reporter Pop stars, rock stars, movie stars, actors, actresses, journalists, and photograhers are – media’s messengers. Could you believe it?   President Obama has said, and Mr Browning  said: Believe!