Fake News

Fake news is now the rage. Just about the time Mr. Trump became a candidate to be the Republican nomine for president my wife blurted out that a relative in the media business couldn’t get over reporters writing stories missing facts presumably false news. Today I saw a Breitbart online article dated 29 Dec 2016 claiming that the Guardian edited a story about  Wikileaks namesake Assange to suggest that Mr. Assange had favoured President Trump over Mrs. Clinton. And today when The Wall Street Journal’s editor was questioned about Mr. Trump’s statement that Muslims in New Jersey rejoiced at the terrorist destruction of the World Trade buildings said that though no facts support Mr. Trump’s claim The … Journal will not call Trump’s erroneous perception of fact a lie because he did not intend to deceive. The Guardian and The New York Times have been President Trump’s sternest critics. Breitbart and The Wall Street Journal seem more attuned to Republican and Trumpist  political attitudes.