Willy Loman, Jay Gatsby & The American Dream

I recently spotted an online article that mentioned President Trump’s favourite movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. I didn’t read the article and I don’t even know for certain that the movie really is President Trump’s favourite. But it is at least the second time I’ve spotted Mr. Smith Goes To Washington linked to Mr. Trump and so reminds me of my characterization of Trump’s persona seeming like Fitzgerald’s portrayal of “The Great Gatsby” with a bit of the Willy Loman’s imagination.

Deremigi's Blog

Journalists writing about politics too often seem to share the same glossary of offensive unthinking epithets. When one wishes to learn what a politician is doing that might improve public life writers simply revert to their derogatory journalese of racist and sexist. They rarely try to inform readers or television listeners precisely what a politician has done and how his racist or sexist acts will affect public policy. They seem mainly concerned about how the races or genders affected by hearing of a candidate’s racism or sexism might vote. People who self consciously see themselves as not being part of a dominant culture may see a candidate branded by media as racist as someone who will use public policy to exclude them whether they see themselves as light or dark members of a minority culture of immigrants or native born. I remember while television and other news media were charging…

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