A “Gift that Keeps on Giving”

Since President Clinton completed his second term I’ve been aware of a rumour that he’d wanted to get back in the Whitehouse and that his wife may have been his ticket to return. In her recent campaign Mrs Clinton was reported to have said that if she won Bill would fix the economy.

The most recent media information about President Trump and Russia, said to have originated with Britain’s famed The Guardian, reminded me of a story I read somewhere just before or just after Mr. Trump entered the Republican primary that Mr. Clinton had phoned Mr. Trump and said something like, Why don’t you run? That rumour stayed with me: then I thought that the Clinton’s being Trump’s friends and on each others  Christmas card lists, and Mrs. Clinton having attended his most recent wedding meant that Mr. Clinton might have 2 possible invites to the White house. Then with all the ridicule that accompanied Mr. Trump when he did take up the suggestion to run, lambasted non stop with online headers world-wide describing Trump as “the gift that keeps on giving” , I started thinking that maybe Mr. Clinton had encouraged his old friend to run so that he’d be an easy opponent for his wife, Mrs. Clinton.