President Trump and The Kids

To date almost everything anyone knows about Donald Trump has had their impressions of him shaped by caricature and hyperbolic reporting of his hands, his lack of government experience and his tweets; those who have mentioned his name to me here in Canada have a negative view of him. My wife’s afraid of him, and my barber said he had a bad dream about cutting Trump’s hair after watching him win the election. Now the question about how children feel about him is being used as a kind of proof that President Trump is a kind of “deplorable”. So I guess I’ve learned that journalists don’t need to know anything to achieve their goal. All they have to do is create an impression that upsets my barber, scares my wife and maybe the “Kids.”

How Kids Are Handling the Election of Donald Trump

“It’s almost hard to describe how bad it was,” says Maureen Costello of what the SPLC discovered post-election