Cheap Labour

A bunch of experts were on BNN talking about the implications for Canada of a Trump presidency: a management teacher, a former diplomat to the U.S.A. and two others presumably economists or investment advisers; BNN of course is a show devoted to interviewing financial experts. The discussion about effects on Canada of President Trump’s America first trade policies that I recall scaring us Canadians when we heard President Obama’s America first intentions that we must have forgotten until Mr Trump started talking about renegotiating NAFTA. One of the experts reminded that Canada’s, the West’s been having products made more cheaply in China and other cheaper labour markets for some time resulting in households reaching the pinnacle of wealth. I couldn’t help thinking that he and the other investment expert I heard talking like that on BNN must have been born yesterday or migrated from abroad as more than half the population of my Scarborough have been reported to have done in recent years.

Reminds me of that Wal-Mart “Live Better” marketing message. Again anyone who didn’t just get to Canada knows that whatever some may have gained in the so-called cheap labour imports, the value of jobs that still exist here has diminished accordingly.