Why won’t experts say what they know?

I’m still mystified by the women’s world-wide march. I understood it to be a protest against President Trump. But on Canada’s CBC news this morning pictures of U.S. women marchers were accompanied by captions stating that the marchers were both opposing Mr. Trump and seeking to advance feminism. Pictures of UK women made the British women seem more prosperous than their U.S. counterparts, holding placards decrying Mr. Trump’s anti-intellectual beliefs. We really do need to have this march explained by intellectuals expert in political science and sociology.

Until they do I who lack trade, political, or sociological expertise can’t stop guessing that the turmoil that we westerners are living has something to do with jobs shipped out of our old nation states. So till someone can explain how Canadians(a western people) are doing better because they can buy products that are cheaper than they could have if Canadians were making them and buying them with incomes from steady jobs, I won’t stop thinking of the Sears lady I mention below who stoically told me that her job in Canada had been sent to India.

October 30, 2013
Sorry for repeating myself: but I saw an expert in the ways of money on BNN agreeing with everyone else who knows a lot about money talking about being convinced that the United states will keep buying its own governments bonds at a rate of 85 billion dollars worth every day for as long as forever even though the economy isn’t behavin’ as it should; wages aren’t buying consumables at a rate to match stock prices. But everyone not a money diviner knows why this bond buying- some call it money printing – since the exporting jobs started- isn’t working: some say it’s even undermining the nation’s production. But no money maven will say the mystery that everybody with no financial literacy knows like their own nose: some one’s been shipping their jobs away like the job the lady who measures drapes for Sears because she lost a job to somebody in India. And German pianos they make in China like a whole lot of other pianos including those that once originated in Canada, and all those traditional American piano makes, and American Capresso coffee grinders, and Ipads and iPhone: all kinds of technology, toy trains and sophisticated telescopes, and clothes and on and on and on: Indonesia, Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam, communist China non communist Taiwan.