President Trump, Journalism and Religion

It’s weird how the media and the movie-star-entertainment community have made me want to defend President Trump, whose offensive “Your Fired” image  and widely reported hapless victim of bankruptcy character determined my first impressions of him, against insults meant to shame him out of public life.  Maybe despite my sociopolitical tendencies that lean left of today’s self-declared middle class  socialists, I see that this man, championed by the self avowed ultra conservative right,  Mr. Trump, is exactly like the rest of us. He is human and his humanity in this era of human rights should never have been so callously disregarded by journalists as it has. Surprisingly the Pope of the Roman Catholic church has been reported to have reserved judgement on President Trump until his policies are confirmed by his actions. And the much vaunted Tibetan Buddhist, the Dali Lama, states that President Trump and Mr. Putin together might achieve a more peaceful world.