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Only Canadian television media are interested in President Trump’s reviving Keystone XL and the Dakota Pipeline

Canadians are happy. Canada’s Prime Minister was on both BNN and Cp24 looking as though President Trump had done something great for Canada and our Tar Sands; Premier Notely of Alberta’s socialistic NDP was on television much of the day looking happy because her province, Alberta, is where the Tar Sands are.

But media other than Canadian television  had more important concerns: Aljezeera wondered if President Trump is against Free Trade. The New York Times reminded that they broke the Panama papers story. Some online headers indicate continued concern about Trumps illegal voting worries and his disputing the turnout for his inauguration.  I’ll check to see if anyone’s still concerned about the president’s reviving that old President Regan anti-abortion legislation. And a Washington Post writer wonders who might control the president’s mind.

The coming struggle for control of Donald Trump’s mind

January 24 at 1:12 PM

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