Where are they hiding?

I’m still looking for experts and scientists who know something and who are able to speak directly for themselves on their own terms without the media filter.

The subject I was looking for today was the Executive order to tenporarily halt people originating in 7 Middle East countries from entering the U.S.A.

What I got on page one search results for “Moslem  ban analysis”  were headers from The New York Times And The U.K’s The Guardian:

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Fears That Trump’s Visa Ban Betrays Friends and Bolsters Enemies
New York Times · 21 hours ago
Trump signs ‘extreme vetting’ executive order for people entering the US
The Guardian · 1 day ago
What you need to know about Trump’s immigration ban
The Guardian · 5 hours ago
Several decades ago I read a newspaper  article about French Phd’s hiring writers because the Phd’s highly technical training made them uncomfortable using words.