Is President Trump acting beyond the constraints of the American constitution?

If he is, the U.S.A. is a nation-state that does not have the right to determine who can legally pass its boarders. Do all countries lack that constitutional right? Or has a custom arisen that permits anyone who wants to enter the U.S.A. to do so, and to denigrate anyone with the temerity to say that they can’t.

What’s below I copied from an online journal “The New” by a Mr. Cassidy. I can’t locate a date for it; so far I can see only a time,”  01:48 P.M.”

“Americans severely misjudged the authoritarians,” Umair Haque, a consultant and social-media maven, commented on Twitter on Saturday night. “But the authoritarians, it seems, also severely misjudged Americans.” Yes, they did, and this weekend’s events offered a bit of hope to everybody alarmed by Donald Trump. Saving America from the most unhinged and least qualified figure ever to occupy the Oval Office may well require a long and bitter fight. But a couple of early markers have been put down. The new President is not beyond the law. And many Americans will not stand by quietly as he traduces their country’s values, threatens its democracy, and destroys its reputation around the world…

Financial Expert Ambiguity?

9.00 am January 30,2017


The Dax stock exchange is down about 97 points.

The other Europe index, FTSE is down around 50 points

The Dow futures are down about 57 points

BNN experts say the Dow futures are lower because of travel being banned to America from 7 countries.

Whenever the Dax is down as it is today the Dow futures are usually lower as they are today.

“The Times They Are A’ Changin'”

My mother used to say when her shoeless mother was shipped over from Italy during the first world war when her 17-year old brother joined the Canadian army that made a name for Canada and got killed, they used to call her a “cock[a] roach”. When the next war, WWII came they put her family out of business as enemy combatants.

Today everyone has shoes and are middle class, citizens of the world, accounting, computing and journalizing so that CEO’s, President Trump and his monied cohorts can stay rich.

When did it happen?

President Trump and supporters are too late. The world has changed. Citizens used to be of a nation. Today people are citizens of world government. Whenever Canada’s government acts in the interest of a Canadian overseas I’ve often  been surprised that the Canadian was originally a citizen born in the country they needed protection from.

I remember how difficult it used to be to get into the United States to play drums. The only way you could get over the border was to find a booking agent with immigration connections. Then the gate slammed shut. Someone said our international musicians union was blocking us – the competition. That was a long time ago.


Science Squares

Last week women were marching; I assumed it was to demonstrate their aversion to President Trump.

An online header dated January 27, 2017 indicating that scientists were preparing to march as well presumably yo demonstrate disapproval of Republican President Trump’s unscientific opinions.

Whenever I see President Trump’s or his supporters’ outlook being condemned as unscientific I keep wondering why scientists keep squaring things. Maybe that’s why they rarely speak for themselves; they can’t square what they want to say.

Is there a positive or at least an objective U.S. opinion out there?

At 8:30 am on January 29, 2017 when I put “travel ban” into the Google search box  the following  3 headers are at the top of page 1 search results. Two are from Canada and the top item is from The Guardian of Britain.
Donald Trump defends Muslim-countries travel ban amid protests: ‘our country needs strong borders’ – live
The Guardian · 4 mins ago
Temporary block of deportations won’t affect Trump’s overall travel ban, Homeland Security says · 55 mins ago
Trump’s travel ban on citizens from Muslim-majority countries causes anger, chaos in U.S. and abroad
The Globe and Mail · 7 hours ago
From Canada it appears that media complaints about President Trump have been coming from Great Britain, Australia and Canada often at least as many as from and sometimes more as it seems today. Canada seems especially concerned about actions against Mexico, and the ban on people traveling from  Mid East countries to the U.S.A..
The problem that faces the travel ban is that when the travelers banned are refugees they may have resulted from the destruction of Iraq and Libya and the bombing of Syria.
The other difficulty arises from the existence throughout North America of the Mid Eastern people who have long become part of the fabric of our societies, certainly in Ontario Canada, who may sympathize with relatives and others  subject to the ban with whom they share a common background.
Maybe the greater problem is that no online expert, scientist, politician or journalist can write anything objective about the ban. Everything I’ve seen seems an expression of self interest and hatred of President Trump.

Is Britain’s online media the royal opposition?

When I put “donald trump” into the Jan. 29 Google box, the top item on the first search results page was from Britain’s The Guardian with its “Cowardly and Dangerous” header dated Jan. 28. On the next results page the top three headers are from British online media masters.


Latest updates as president’s executive order targeting Muslim-majority countries, affecting refugees, causes chaos at airports

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Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous

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