Harley cancels President Trump visit.

What’s quoted below is offered under the auspices of CNN.  You have to wonder when the media organization CNN offering the article online is the same organization that gives out debate questions to Democrat operatives before the debate is held. This concluding passage below seems to confirm what Mr. Soros said about President Trump failing because his ideas are contradictory.
…It was the threat of protests, and not Trump’s planned signing of executive orders, that made Harley-Davidson uncomfortable, the official said.
The canceled trip highlighted the difficulties Trump will continue to face as he looks to implement his agenda while his presidency is engulfed in controversy.
Trump’s decision to temporarily ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the US and suspend the admission of all refugees has sparked a wave of protests nationwide — protests which now appear to have torpedoed the rollout of an unrelated part of his policy agenda.
The travel ban was also met with widespread condemnation by Democrats and even some Republicans who called the move counterproductive to US counterterrorism efforts.
That fiery opposition has already ramped up Democrats’ efforts to stall the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet nominees, and could also trickle down to legislative efforts.
CNN’s Jim Acosta contributed to this report.