Y’u have to be smart.

Here is an opinion, by which I mean a kind of postulated inference based on perceived online reports and television captions since President Trump was Donald Trump. The persistent world-wide English language media has been so  replete with hateful mockery that one might think that this hatred is a manifestation of fear, fear of losing business,  of losing money. I still believe that there has been much money to be made from free trading by international companies whose businesses freely use the globe as a base and not the confines of our old nation states whence taxes, tariffs and laws come. The lawsuit that’s stopped President Trump’s immigration ban arises from numerous complaints from companies, notably technical manufacturers, decrying a loss of employees, and in education  the loss of students and teachers, despite the vast population already living in the U.S.A. . Of course they may be lazier than imports and accustomed to perks that the imports have yet to hear of. But most of all immigrant wages may be cheaper; and  with lessened national government taxes,  the intrinsic value of the products they make will increase.

But of course President Trump also wants to increase profit not through a big plodding corporation but through his personal craftiness and clever adaptability: he is a deal making artist who has to be smart.