The Independent

Today I put Jeff Sessions into the Google box and opened a header published by The Independent, originally a British publication, seems to have recently overtaken The Guardian as a major President Trump attacker with articles on every aspect of President Trump’s public existence.

Because The independent has come up in so many Google searches lately, I wanted to know more about it. I copied and pasted what’s below from a March 2010 article about the purchase of the media organization by some famous Russians.

…Alexander Lebedev also announced that he and President Mikhail Gorbachev plan to establish Novaya Independent Media Foundation (NIMF), a not-for-profit organisation that will finance global media projects. “In particular, we are talking about Novaya Gazeta in Russia, The Independent and The London Evening Standard in the UK. We hope that other philanthropists will also be interested in maintaining quality journalism to protect freedom of speech and encourage investigative reporting to promote greater transparency in society.”…