The Guardian leads resistance from over the sea.

I’ve always felt that when he was Donald Trump that President Trump was trying to get the horse back in the barn trying to “Make America great again”. So much about America has changed. We hear about gangs, but not about other cultural groups with their own cultural, and sometimes legal interests, self-centered and not wanting the political unity of the inclusive societies in which they live. These groups include the native-born grouped with interests antithetical to national unity. Today if articles and protests outside North America are to be seriously considered then even groups beyond the borders of North America believe they have a stake in the governing of America whose progressive goals are dedicated to overcoming a past  which the slogan  “Make America great again” seeks a return of.

So Britain’s Guardian rallies these groups to unite against a common foe, President Trump, or should we say for unity’s sake “Donald Trump”.

We all have the power to resist Donald Trump – in big and small ways