I have seen 2 reports on Canada’s CP24 video news about refugees, one similar to the one below by “THE Blaze” dated Feb. 11, 2017, derived from a “YAHOO News” report of Feb. 9.

Assad told Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff that he did not wish to comment on Trump’s travel ban, currently being challenged in federal court, but that he could offer his opinion that among the 4.8 million refugees who have fled due to the Syrian civil war, there are people aligned with terrorist groups.

Another item about refugees appeared on CP24 at about 6:30 am. this morning of Feb. 12, 2017, reported that refugees entering Canada illegally from the U.S. were arrested by Canada’s RCMP.The CP24 television report has been derived from a “Canadian Press” report of Feb.11, 2017. In that report none of the refugees arrested are identified as Syrian.

By Rob Drinkwater
Morgan LowrieThe Canadian Press
Sat., Feb. 11, 2017

EMERSON, MAN.—Twenty-one people crossed the border illegally this weekend near a Manitoba community where there has been a surge in asylum seekers, the latest to arrive in a method authorities say is on the rise.