Who’s in charge press or president?

I watched much of President Trump’s media session. I thought he actually was enjoying himself, but I think I’ve seen him talk just once before. Those in the know, journalists, seem to know him well enough to say the president did not perform well; some mocked his predicting media reaction would be negative. One wrote that President Trump did not like his job. The president’s prediction parodying media criticism to follow the press conference was based on his belief that all articles about him had been negative. Though he did have difficulty answering a reporter who noted the president’s complaints about false news, based on real  conversations he’d had with the heads of Mexico and Australia.  He even suggested that the Flynn resignation was publicised by media to convey leaked information about Mr, Flynn’s talking to foreign officials  as though  he’d done something wrong, not because he was simply performing the duties of his office. And despite the president’s arguing that Flynn was forced to resign only because he failed to fully report his actions to the vice president and not because of  “back-channel conversations with a Russian diplomat.” which were illegally leaked and promulgated by journalists who one sidedly continue charging Mr. Flynn with improper actions never mentioning the president’s own argument – the other side.

…Donald Trump has publicly annunciated parts of such a grand bargain, as have top advisers Steve Bannon and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign on Feb. 13 for his back-channel conversations with a Russian diplomat…


Here’s a header from Feb.15 by a group from Politico below as one-sided as the view above  by the little group from Time.

Michael Flynn resigns as US national security adviser

He leaves his post as Trump’s national security adviser amid a growing scandal over his Russia contacts.

By Josh Dawsey, Alex Isenstadt, Tara Palmeri and Eli Stokols

2/14/17, 5:50 AM CET

Updated 2/15/17, 4:49 PM CET